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Castles, raised hides and ruins in the realm of the Dolomites


South Tyrol, the land of the 800 castles - waiting to be discovered.


Seis am Schlern
Hauenstein Castle
Hauenstein Castle, at the foot of the Santner peak, was first mentioned in a document in 1185. Around 1400, the fortress passed on to the Wolkenstein family. Oswald von Wolkenstein, the most famous member of the dynasty, inherited a part of the castle where he lived for several years. In 1976-77, on the occasion of Oswald's 600-year anniversary, the castle has been renovated.

Salegg Castle
Salegg Castle has been reduced to a ruin long time ago. Although it radiates a melancholic feeling, the castle offers on of the most amazing views on the wild walls of the Schlern massiv.

Aichach Castle
Underneath Seis, on a black porphyry rock stands the ruins of Aichach Castle. Deep down in the gorge rushes the brook "Schwarzgriesbach", in front stands the small church of St. Konstantin, in the background you can admire the imposing walls of the Santner and the Schlern: an unforgettable view.

Völs am Schlern

Castel Prösels
The medieval Castel Prösels was first mentioned under the name of "castrum presile" in a document dating from 1279. It is open for visitors for most of the year and the venue of many cultural activities throughout the summer, such as open-air stage performances, concerts and exihibitions. There are famous Batzenhäusl Collection and the collection of historical 19th century weapons.
Daily guided tours through the castle, except Saturdays.


Castel Trostburg
This fortress was built in the 12th century and expanded in the 14th and 15th century. It was once owned by the brother of the famous medieval troubadour Oswald von Wolkenstein and has belonged to the South Tyrol Castle Institute since 1967. The castle can be reached by foot: either by a medieval path (around 15 minutes) or via an easy pathway from the village Waidbruck (Ponte Gardena) below the tunnel leading to the Val Gardena.


Maretsch Castle
In the vicinity of the old town with a magnificent panoramic view of the Rosengarten, the Maretsch Castle nestles in a wide landscape of vines. The 12th century castle from was restored in the 80s. Occasionally concerts, exhibitions, seminars and cultural evenings are held there.

Runkelstein Castle
The castle was built in 1237 and houses the oldest and largest secular fresco cycles, which describe the life of ladies and knights at the court and during the hunt. The castle is located on a rocky promontory at the entrance to the Val Sarentino and can be reached through the Talvera promenade on foot or by bike or by using the specially provided shuttle bus (more information at the tourist office).

The Haselburg is a castle ruin near Bolzano, located in the district Haslach. It was built in the first decades of the 13th century, as well as other major castles in the area. Nowadays a convention centre with an attached restaurant is located in the castle. The rich frescoes from the Renaissance are worth seeing.


Castle Tyrol
Dorf Tirol is marked by its history while the whole country is named after from Castle Tyrol. Extensive researches have confirmed the uniqueness of Castle Tyrol as a testimony of medieval architecture and architectural sculpture. Around the year 1140, the Counts of Venosta called themselves Counts of Tyrol for the first time. The ancestral castle of the Counts of Tyrol was built and became the most significant castle in Tyrol. A bird rehabilitation centre, where injured and sick raptors are kempt, is located in the immediate vicinity of Castle Tyrol. Here you can attend an air show of the birds.
Opening hours: March 16 to November 30 - Tuesday to Sunday 10 am to 5 pm

The castle is located in the eastern edge of the city of Merano and houses the Touriseum. It is located in a botanical garden, which was opened in 2001. The castle became famous amongst others through the spa stay of the Austrian Emperor Elisabeth (Sissi).
The castle is owned by the South Tyrolean provincial government that opened the Touriseum in 1990 and gave the Botanical garden of Merano its place.
Opening hours: April 1 to November 15 - daily 9 am to 6 pm


Juval Castle
The 700 year old Castle Juval, enthroned high above the Val Senales, is owned by the South Tyrolean alpinist Reinhold Messner since 1983. In 1995 it was opened to the public. Messner has renovated the castle and gave his personal touch to it with an extensive Tibetika collection, a collection of masks from five continents and a collection of mountain pictures. Today the Rennaissance building looks like a Tibetan monastery fortress. Visitors can reach the Juval Castle on foot or by shuttle bus.
Opening hours: Palm Sunday until June 30 Thursday-Tuesday 10 am to 4 pm guided tour only, September 1 to early November, Thursday-Tuesday 10:00 to 16:00 guided tour only