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Adventurous mountain bike tours on the Alpe di Siusi


Europe’s largest high plateau, the Alpe di Siusi, offers the perfect conditions for passionate mountain bikers: mountain bike tours of every level of difficulty


No matter the level of your tour, here you will find an excellent biking area. Flat valleys, hills, steep roads, rocky mountains, and a varied landscape, make you stop and wonder...
Every tour should be planned on a map and discussed the day before. We will certainly be happy to help you with proposals on tours, and rental possibilities.



Here some proposals:
Departure: Compatsch
Arrival: Hartlschweige/Sanonhütte/Compatsch
Height difference: 50 m
Time: 2,5 hrs
Difficulty: medium to difficult
Description: From Compatsch you follow Rote Number 3 to Saltria. You have to go left on a sandy trail through the wood and so you reach the first stop at Hartlschweige. Then you go over to the Sanonhütte and there you can bike back to the departure.


Departure: Compatsch
Arrival: Sattler Schwaige/Compatsch
Height difference: 200 metres
Time; 2 hrs
Difficulty: easy to medium, ideal as first tour.
Description: At Compatsch you follow route 7 that takes you rigt to Panorama. You take the sandy trail called S (Laurinhütte), get over to Gumerdun and you reach Buschenschank Sattler. To get back to Compatsch you follow the very same route.

Departure: Compatsch
Arrival: Zallinger/Malknechthütte/Compatsch.
Height difference: 254 m
Time: 3 hrs.
Difficulty: medium to difficult.
Description: You start at Compatsch and get over to Saltria, getting over Ritsch- Schwaige. Once you are there you get over the Saltria river and get to Monte Pana. After 8 km. you find yourself back to an altitude of 1.820 meters. Then you go left to Zallinger and between Florian and Zallinger you will find a route that takes you back to Saltria. At Almgasthof Tirler you trespass again the Saltria river and there is a steep road up to Malknechthütte. After you got over this last part, which is the most difficult you can bike back to Compatsch.


Departure: Compatsch
Arrival: Malknechthütte/Tierser Alpl/Compatsch
Height Difference: 641 m
Time: 4 hrs
Difficulty: difficult
Description: In Compatsch you take path 7, that takes you up the hill to Malknecht Hütte. There. after following a steep road you reach Tierser Alpl (2.440 meters) you go over to Rosszähne and then to Saltria (1.700). From there after 6 km you reach Compatsch again.