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Discover the Sonne on vacation   

More sightseeing around the traditional Sciliar area

Marvel at the countless attractions offered by your holiday region - Holidays between the Fiè’s pond, the Renon’s Earth Pyramids and the Castle Trauttmanssdorf


Seis am Schlern
Vigiler Heubadl- Hay Baths in St. Vigil
New place with 18 hay-beds, showers and relaxing areas. The untreated Hay helps your well-being.

Pflegerhof- Herbs and spices in St. Oswald
This ancient farmer's house is placed in St. Osvald, far from trafic. Biological herbs and spices are raised.

Malenger mill
The Malenger mill at the homonymous farm in St. Vigil is a piece of lived tradition. The mill has been operated for about 500 years withstanding all sorts of weathers and continues its operation also today. Only the old wooden wheel has been replaced and Mr. Plunger, today's owner, mills his corn like many other generations before - corn cultivated on his fields, of course. And if you are listening to his words while he is talking about the mill and its functioning, you will understand why the Malenger mill is not an open-air museum but a piece of long-lived tradition.

Rungger Egg
Northwards of Seis, at the southern border of the Laraner forest, you will find the archaeological site Gschlier and its sacrificial stake, the Rungger Egg. The sacrificial place, dating back to the Iron Age, is one of the best explored sites in the Alps, although it couldn't be excavated in its entirety. It gives important insights into the inner and outer structure of such sanctuaries of nature.

Plague Cemetery
The "Plague Cemetery" takes place every year, on the Friday following Ascension, at 4 o'clock in the morning. The pest cemetery is located in St. Valentin. You pass it on path no. 6 to Kastelruth.

"King's Observation Point"
The so called "King's Observation Point" is a truly magnificent panoramic spot in the Laranz Forest, with a wonderful view to the west and deep down the slope. It can be reached from Seis via Telfen, along path no. 5.


Witches' Chairs
The Witches' Chairs, in the forest above Tiosels (Kastelruth) are two stone blocks shaped like chairs. We cannot say for sure whether the were made in pre-historic times or are the result of a trick of nature. The can be reached by hiking paths no. 7 from Kastelruth via Tiosels.

Völs am Schlern

The Völser Weiher lake
The Völser Weiher lake is a real jewel in terms of landscape. The lake is rich in water lilies and reflects amazing pictures of the Schlern massif at any time of the day or year. During the summer months it is a popular bathing place while in the winter it turns into a natural ice rink immerged into a beautiful llandscape.


Witches' Benches
We can visit the so called Witches' Benches on mount Puflatsch (the way is clearly indicated on the rocks). This is a peculiar series of gigantic augite-porphyry colomns, today like stone paving and partly still shapet like steps where you can sit, so that the actual shape of a bench with back - thanks partly to man's intervention - appears. In addition to its geological and pre-historic value, the site is of rare landscape beauty and an outstanding panoramic point.

The most beautiful break in the world - having a "Marende" in the heart of the fascinating mountain landscape. In the rustic huts hikers enjoy its well-deserved rest tasting bacon, smoked sausage and wine... and thus come closer to heaven.

Earth Pyramids
Renon, in the valley of the Finster creek between Lengmoos and Lengstein, you can marvel at the earth pyramids on a promenade. Probably due to erosion and favored by climatic conditions, the famous earth pyramids developed over the centuries.


The Gardens of Trauttmannsdorff Castle
In the Gardens of Trauttmannsdorff Castle, plants from all over the world are gathered together and typical landscape of South Tyrol are presented. Paths meander uphill through water and terraced gardens, leading to the Sensual Garden or the Japanese Garden, to the cacti and succulents mound or to cultivated plants of the south, like the olive tree and the grapevine.